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    On Thursday, August 16, 2012 we completed our project of creating a forum home for each of the three Attachmate Group business units; NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE by moving the NetIQ forums to their new home. The goal has been to create discussion groups that are branded and focused on individual business unit products, while maintaining easy navigation and links between the three sets of forums. This allows you, the customer, to easily find the forum you desire without having to navigate over a hundred forums on a single site. It also allows us to focus notifications, alerts, and information for a specific set of products.

    The SUSE forums moved to their new home in February of this year leaving Novell and NetIQ to share the http://forums.novell.com location until now.

    Much of the content has been synchronized between the NetIQ portion of the Novell Forums and the NetIQ forums. On August 16th, NetIQ product forums on http://forums.novell.com were replaced with a link to http://forums.netiq.com which is the new home of the NetIQ forums. Conversations in progress will be able to be continued, without break, on the new site.

    NOTE: Content ownership (user ID connected to a post) will be lost, as will bookmarks and subscriptions, but a former user ID will be associated with a migrated post allowing you to re-subscribe and/or reset bookmarks to existing data. All new content will be tied to your ID as usual. The NNTP interface will not be affected as it was previously separated out into individual business units. If you run into any problems or issues, please use the CONTACT US link in the footer of any forum page.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    1. eramer's Avatar
      eramer -
      Why can't I read this post http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j...ZIUMZmx5Afe9fg. I have a subscription to novell support and have always been able to read forum posts.

      Edd Ramer,
      username eramer
    1. jjader's Avatar
      jjader -
      So instead of finding all the information one place I now have to go to 3 separate forums?
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      Quote Originally Posted by eramer View Post
      Why can't I read this post
      Sorry, that was a little configuration glitch that has been fixed. You should be able to read it now.
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      Quote Originally Posted by jjader View Post
      So instead of finding all the information one place I now have to go to 3 separate forums?
      I'll have to give a long answer to what seems to be a simple question. It probably won't make you feel better, but hopefully it will help explain. The Novell forums never did have "all the information". It had information related to Novell products. If you want information about Novell and Microsoft products, you may have to go to the Novell site and the Microsoft site. Even when those products have to work together. When the Attachmate Group (a holding company) bought Novell, the business decision was made, for various and good reasons, to separate the products into separate companies, each of which had different management, different goals, and a different focus.

      This is somewhat analogous to the Disney holding company. Disney owns ESPN, the ABC network, and the Walt Disney World Resort. I don't think anyone would expect to find information about all of those companies in one set of discussion forums. Even DisneyLand and the Walt Disney World resort, though they are similar, have their own web pages and information site, because they ARE different.

      Now Novell, SUSE, and NetIQ are different companies. They have their own web sites: http://www.novell.com, http://www.suse.com, and http://www.netiq.com

      I totally agree that it made sense and made things easier to have all the Novell, SUSE, and NetIQ forums on one site for customers that own products from all of the companies. However, it made for a very congested and sometimes confusing forum site and I received a lot of complaints that there was too much there and it was hard to find what someone wanted in navigation and in search. So, for some people separation makes good sense and makes things easier, and for some it makes things harder. The bottom line is that the decision to separate the companies and their web sites was made at a high level and we, the people who manage the forums and the web sites, supported the decision that was made. The separation provides a lot of benefit to people trying to find specific information because each site is a lot more focused and there isn't as much content to wade through to get to needed information.

      I have linked all the forums together with cross links so it's relatively easy to get from one set of forums to another for all the Attachmate Group companies.

      Like I said, some people may not like the separation, but I hope this explanation of why it happened helps you to understand the "why".
    1. inverseparadox's Avatar
      inverseparadox -
      I am not entirely happy with the fact that A: some if not all of the non-NetIQ forums - e.g. the various ZENworks forums - also moved (albeit within the same domain), apparently as part of the same transition, and B: no mention whatever seems to have been made of the fact that this happened.

      Access to the actual forum posts at their old URLs was apparently retained despite this move (which is a very good thing, as otherwise any bookmarks of especially informative posts would be broken) - but for some reason, not only was the same not done for the main forum pages, but they do not even redirect to the appropriate new locations.

      Why was it felt necessary to make this change, and why does the announcement that forums are moving not mention it?
    1. ursidm's Avatar
      ursidm -
      It looks to me as if the forum migration only included posts starting May 2012 and newer.

      There is a wealth of information and reference in the time before that.

      Please look into importing the rest of the information as well.

      The reason why the person who replied first to this thread could not access a post was because the post ocurred before May 2012.

      The post he is looking for can still be found in Googles caches and other newsgroup aggregators but no longer in the forums.
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      If you need to access data older that what exists on the web forum site, use the NNTP interface. The NNTP server holds all the data in chronological order. See the forum FAQ on how to access it. However, all data has now been migrated to the new site.
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      All the older data has now been migrated to the new NetIQ forum site.