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In addition to the settings for "sysvolsync" for getting excess log in /var/opt/novell/xad/log/sysvolsync.log, that is :

# SYSVOL_LOG_LEVEL=4 /opt/novell/xad/sbin/sysvolsync
(SYSVOL_LOG_LEVEL is the environment variable that determines level of detail in the sysvolsync log)

You can do the following setting on ADC, /etc/sysconfig/ssh file :
SSHD_OPTS=" -d "

Also, you need to restart sshd on ADC, (kill all the previous versions of sshd). It will start putting logs on the console for your run on sysvolsync on PDC.The sshd will go down after every run, you will have do 'rcsshd restart' after every run of sysvolsync on PDC.

Please capture both logs (sysvolsync log on PDC and sshd console logs on ADC) and let NTS know.

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