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Groupwise Linux Client - openSUSE 12.3

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I work with OpenSUSE everyday at work and the recent update has brought some nice eye candy in the form of KDE 4.10 and from the look of it some updates to KDM login (would have liked python 3.x but didnt get that).But what did happen when I updated my machine was it broke my group wise email client 8.0.2.

After doing a

[CODE]sudo zypper ve[/CODE]

It shows you that you require a particular libXm.so.3 for Groupwise to run but this is not the case. It still runs successfully without it but you just cannot open any emails ( which is kind of a problem! ) What really is required is libpangox-1_0-0-32bit

[CODE]sudo zypper in libpangox-1_0-0-32bit[/CODE]

This will install the library required for the client to function. It would appear that these were removed during the 12.3 upgrade.This should get your Linux client back up and running. Currently there are not many options for using email on Novells Groupwise email server on Linux machine. Also during the 12.3 upgrade evolution-grouwpise plug-in seems to have been dropped due to lack of support. Thunderbird no longer supports SOAP either.

So the only option is to use the native Groupwise client. Its really does need updated to the same level as GW 2012 on Windows. But it would seem that Novell is not that interested because there must be a lack of users in comparison to the windows users, which really isnt surprising to be honest. Anyway this should sort your groupwise client issues on SUSE!


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