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Get a great book from Gert ter Burg

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Gert ter Burg has been in charge of one of the most comprehensive sites about GroupWise for 11 years if you dont know about http://gwcheck.com, then get over there and check it out!

One of Gerts many contributions to the GroupWise communities over the years has been one-on-one interviews with influential names in the GroupWise world, ranging from Novell/Attachmate top dogs, product managers, engineers, third-party vendors, consultants and administrators. Here at Caledonia, weve helped Gert compile those interviews into a little book called Interviewing the GroupWise Community. Caledonia is selling this book on Gerts behalf, with profits going directly to Gert himself. Go purchase this book here!

However, you have the opportunity than do more than read some interviews about GroupWise. You can also support a cause near and dear to Gert and those of us here at Caledonia. Gert manages to do all of the great things he does to support GroupWise, while dealing with Parkinsons disease in his own life.

Heres what Gert has to say about his condition:

I found out to have Parkinson Disease / PD in february 2006. It is genetic in our family. There are great names to have PD as well, such as Michael J. Fox, the previous Pope, Maurice White lead singer of Earth Wind and Fire, Janet Reno, Salvador Dali, Mao Zedong. If you have any Questions on PD, send them to gert@gwcheck.com, and perhaps I will put up a page with this info and your questions on the site as well.

So, were going to make you a deal! For every book we sell on Gerts behalf, Gert will receive all of the proceeds, and we will also donate $1.00 to the National Parkinson Foundation in Gerts name through our charitable organization, Navitie House Foundation. Well even give you the opportunity during purchase to add additional funds to your donation if you so desire. If you simply wish to donate to the National Parkinsons Foundation on Gerts behalf, click here.

Thanks for your support.

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