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How the world works

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As a techie I have worked on BCC implementations for the past 5 years, just a steady low count of work. Then this year it goes mad with folk everywhere wanting a BCC and with more than one cluster. Is this the maturity of a product or is there something that I am missing?

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  1. kgroneman's Avatar
    I thought you folks over ther HAD to watch it. Oh ...wait.... that's BBC. Sorry.
  2. grohin's Avatar
    I think categorizing the Customers who are asking for the product will be a good start.
    Criteria can be time and extent association with oes, what exactly they are using the product for, size of Customer Business.

    Based on these inputs,we can look into industry trends and establish causes behind the spurt.
    I would be very interested in this type of analysis.... Do keep posted.