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ZENworks Agent Verify 2.0

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Overview: The ZCM Agent Verifier is a utility designed to help determine if all of the files that comprise the ZCM agent are properly installed and updated on a given device. The Agent Verifier consists of two main components. The first is AgentBaseline.exe, which can be used to build a template from which other devices can be compared. The second is AgentCheck.exe, which will locate any files which are missing, have the incorrect version number, or an incorrect MD5 checksum based upon the values stored in the Baseline.dat file generated by AgentBaseline.exe. The discrepancies are stored in the errors.dat generated by the AgentCheck.exe.

Initially, Create a Baseline.dat file for the version for a specific version of the ZCM agent.

To do this copy the AgentBaseline.exe and the Exclude.txt from AgentVerify10.zip to a working directory on a device with a known good copy of the ZCM Agent that matches the version of the agent for which a Baseline.dat is desired. Execute AgentBaseline.exe. Baseline.dat will be generated in the working folder containing AgentBaseline.exe and Exclude.txt.

(Note: Exclude.txt includes a list of folders in the ZENworks Agent Directory that do not need to be compared in this process. Additional Folders can be added to the exclusion list if desired. Individual Files cannot be excluded at this time, though they can manually be removed from the Baseline.dat file that is generated. Also %ZENWORKS_HOME% needs to be properly defined for the process to properly complete.)

Once the Baseline.dat is generated, copy this file along with AgentCheck.exe to a working directory on a device to be examined. Execute AgentCheck.exe. A progress meter will appear and when complete, the file errors.dat will be generated. Discrepancies with EXEs or DLLs should be the primary concern. Currently, the Baseline.dat may still include some data files which may differ between devices. Future versions of the tool may only include EXEs and DLLs by default or may include more rigorous exclusion options.

Though this tool was designed with for agents, some customers have found it useful to use on their Windows Primary Servers.

Sample Results
The three types of results in Errors.dat are shown below:

Missing File:


Incorrect Version Number:
C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\BIN\HANDLERS\ZENWORKSIPRINTP ROVIDER.DLL. Version Mismatch: Found. Expected.

Incorrect MD5 Checksum:
C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\BIN\HANDLERS\ZENWORKSPRINTER PROVIDER.DLL. MD5 Mismatch: 0x6132083F12F1B54C2C649DEB58DC2A9B Found. 0X7132083F12F1B54C2C649DEB58DC2A9BExpected.

Content of AgentVerify20.zip
AgentBaseline.exe Used to Create Baseline.dat
AgentCheck.exe Used to Generate Errors.dat
Exclude.txt Default Directories Excluded in Baseline.dat

Download AgentVerify20.zip -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0o...ew?usp=sharing

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  1. bkeadle's Avatar
    By chance you can make a quiet parameter so that I could run this silently in my environment to identify any machines that might not be healthy without interfering (or alerting) end users?

    Useful tool! Thank you!
  2. CRAIGDWILSON's Avatar
    Definitely possible.....Quite busy at the moment but when I have a spare moment I can add that feature.
  3. luke_ross's Avatar
    Link is not working for me. Looks like a great tool!
  4. CRAIGDWILSON's Avatar
    Hey Luke,

    Please Try the Google Docs Link.
    I may remove the other link, there does seem to be some permissions issues.
    The Blog Link works for my main account but my test account was having issues.
  5. luke_ross's Avatar
    That works great. Thanks