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Birds of a Feather

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The benefits of BrainShare are obvious. Technical sessions taught by the engineers and developers of the products and the ability to have one on one discussions with the experts about issues that concern you. A side benefit is the connections you can make with people that have similar interests. If you're in education, goverment, manufacturing, etc. you can get together with others that run into the same types of issues you have. A community of people of similar interests is useful and powerful. I'm currently sitting in the TTP meeting that is being held the two days before BrainShare. This is a group of IT personnel for the Education sector that have come together for mutual support on Novell products. They hold their own sessions dealing with education specific issues and have Novell upper management, product managers, and support personnel talk to them. They also have their own collaboration system for ongoing mutual support throughout the year. If you are interested in creating a similar organization for your specific vertical market, it's definitely possible and very worthwhile. Free collaboration tools are available to help facilitate this. Find someone with similar interests, decide to collaborate, and help is available. Contact me with a private message.

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