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Is there some General Forum Usage Information?

Q: What is the purpose of these forums?
A: The message forums are the place to discuss and obtain technical support with regards to Micro Focus products. Feel free to ask questions, respond to any forum message that interests you, or tell all of us about your latest adventure with your Micro Focus product. If you can assist a fellow user, feel free to jump into the conversation. Don't be shy. Even if you are not sure of your answer, the input from multiple sources gives the person asking the question options. This is not "official" support from Micro Focus, but with so much experience and technical expertise among our community participants, this is a great place to get some good free advice.

Q: There are so many forums! Which ones should I subscribe to?
A: Forums are categorized by product or product group. Expand the product tree to find the lowest level forum that fits your need and subscribe to it if you want to keep up with that forum. If you use the NNTP interface, your news reader will handle multiple newsgroups and will also track read messages for you. Some news readers will actually track messages to you. Besides the product forums, we also have some non product specific forums and if you just want to talk with your peers, there's a Chatting over the back fence forum. Please don't crosspost or post the same or similar messages to multiple newsgroups as it not only causes more work for the volunteers, but it can cause the discussion to be disjointed

Q: What information is needed when I post?
A: The more information the better. Post your configuration, hardware, any error messages, and anything else you can think of that would help someone troubleshoot your issue. It could save a few days in back-and-forth clarification questions.

Q: Does Miro Focus monitor and/or reply in these forums?
A: Micro Focus personnel do not officially monitor these forums though you might see a Micro Focus person visiting here from time to time on their own. Micro Focus relies on the volunteer group of Knowledge Partners and you, as a participant, to share knowledge with other participants in the forums. The Knowledge Partners are experts in their field with years of real world experience. The Knowledge Partners also have direct connections to Micro Focus's technical support to get some assistance if they need it so you are really getting the best of both worlds. This is not "official" support from Micro Focus so if you wish to talk to a Micro Focus representative or if your problem is urgent, call 1-800-858-4000 (US/Canada). Be aware that Micro Focus does not endorse, nor monitor any posts or comments, and is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of any comments or advice posted on this site (or any links). A posted comment represents the views of its author and does not represent the views of Micro Focus; the opportunity for commentary and facilitating discussion s is provided solely as a convenience by Micro Focus. Micro Focus reserves the right to remove any post without providing a reason.

Q: How long should I wait for an answer?
A: Knowledge Partners are online daily. They do their best to catch as many unanswered questions in their area of expertise as time allows. However, sometimes neither a Knowledge Partner nor any other user will know the answer to your issue. Sometimes messages fall through the cracks. If you do not receive a reply to your message, you can try reposting it or using one of the other avenues for technical support. Be sure to check back frequently for any replies as the messages scroll down the list as time passes. Replies from Knowledge Partners are posted in the forums only. Please don't request personal support via email or other means outside the forums.

Q: I use the NNTP interface. Is it safe to use my email address in my postings?
A: Unfortunately, an open forum structure such as NNTP is available to the world and there are people out there who do mine email addresses from our forums and other such forums/newsgroups on the internet. An email address is an integral part of an NNTP header. Short of creating a closed system (which wouldn't be 100% effective) we can't prevent such data mining from our forums. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk. First, many forum users disguise their email address by putting in obvious deterrents to email address mining. For example: If my email address were freddy.farkle@microfocus.com I could add characters which fool many email address mining bots. I could change my address to something similar to: freddy.DELETE.THIS.farkle.AND.THIS@microfocus.com. Of course, there is nothing to dictate you must use a real email address so if you prefer not to let your email address be known, you can use anything as long as it is in an email address format. Feel free to use something@something.com or even freddy.farkle@microfocus.com! :-) As host of these forums, occasionally Micro Focus may email a survey request to forum participants using a valide email address to assist Micro Focus in maintaining effective forums.

Q: I'm interested in becoming an Knowledge Partner. How do I apply?
A: Our Knowledge Partners are here because they love being here and they are recognized as being significant contributors to shared knowledge. There is a nomination process that happens once per year and if you are significant contributor, you will probably be noticed. Becoming a Knowledge Partner is by invitation only. More information can be found HERE

Q: I have found a problem with the forums. Where do I report it?
A: Because of the fact that we are mere human beings, you may find mild to serious problems with the news group structure or operation. You may just have a great suggestion we could use to improve the look or functionality of our site. Use the feedback link in the footer of any forum page to submit a message to our team, or just post it in the "Forum Feedback" forum.

Q: Do Knowledge Partners monitor all of the forums?
A: Not all of them. Knowledge Partners monitor the forums for products they have expertise in . In forums set up for currently supported products, Knowledge Partners will try to answer your technical support questions.

What are the Terms of Service & Rules?

The Micro Focus Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Usage Policy, Trademark information, and Code of Conduct Policy can be found HERE

Micro Focus Community: Rules of Participation

Welcome to the Micro Focus Community!

Do you want to read a bunch of rules? Naw. We didnt think so. HOWEVER, if you take the time to read this short document and adhere to its precepts, you can get the most out of your Micro Focus Community experience.

We want you to be successful so the Micro Focus Community has been set up as a peer-to-peer channel to help people find answers, solve problems, and get the most out of their Micro Focus products and services.

By participating in the Micro Focus Community Site ("Site") you are agreeing to these Rules of Participation, the Micro Focus Terms of Use, the Micro Focus Online Privacy Statement, and any other terms included by Micro Focus on the Site. If you don't accept these Rules of Participation, the Micro Focus Terms of Use, the Micro Focus Online Privacy Statement, and any of the other terms, you are not allowed to use this Site. Goodbye and we hope you find help elsewhere. If you DO accept, then read on:

These Rules of Participation supplement the Micro Focus Terms of Use, the Micro Focus Online Privacy Statement, and any other terms included by Micro Focus on the Site. If there is a conflict between the Micro Focus Terms of Use and these Rules of Participation, the Micro Focus Terms of Use take precedence.

These rules are your guide to getting along in the Micro Focus Community. Community moderators will enforce the Rules of Participation and the Micro Focus Terms of Use at their discretion. Micro Focus may, at its discretion, modify the Rules of Participation.

If you recognize any violation of these rules, please notify us immediately by using the "report abuse to moderator" feature in the Options menu of the message, or by contacting us directly at: admin.swcommunity@MicroFocus.com


To ensure a safe and productive forum, we ask that you observe these forum rules:

  1. Be respectful. Respect your fellow users by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive. Good or bad, your experiences are always welcome if offered in a courteous way. Respect people's time and attention by providing complete information about your question or problem, including product name and model number. People like helping those who ask good questions.
  2. Be relevant. Make sure your contributions are relevant to this forum and to the specific category or board where you post. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation. Solicitations inviting members to join, participate in, or buy something, are never relevant.
  3. Obey the law and keep your word. Don't post anything that would violate any law, or any contractual agreement that you have made.
  4. Protect privacy - yours and others'. Don't share anything about yourself that you would not want to see on a road-side billboard. Don't post contact or other personal information - your own or anyone else's - or any content that you receive in one-to-one communications without the author's consent. Be wary of posting confidential information in product logs, etc.
  5. Remember this is user-generated content. You'll find plenty of good advice here, but remember that your situation, configuration, or use may vary from that of the individual sharing a solution. Some advice you find here may even be wrong. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.
  6. Think before you post. You may not use, or allow others to use, your registration membership to post or transmit:
    1. "Rants", "slams", or legal threats against Micro Focus, another company or any person.
    2. Offensive content such as personally attacking, calling names, otherwise harassing or being condescending to any other person, ethnic, or religious group
    3. Political statements or commentary.
    4. Off-topic comments not related to a technical or usage issue regarding an Micro Focus product.
    5. Language that promotes illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them, encourage others to do so, or teach others how to do so.
    6. Duplicate posts. (We hate those.)
    7. Hyperlinks that lead to sites that violate any of the forum guidelines.
    8. Any message that solicits or promotes the use of an illegal substance.
    9. Post spam linking to outside sites that are not related to Micro Focus and/or ongoing discussions. This includes your profile content.
    10. Posting adult oriented or sexually explicit content or images.
    11. If you are an Micro Focus employee, you must identify yourself as one. You must always be clear that you speak for yourself only and not for Micro Focus and follow Micro Focus policy.
  7. We will make an effort to remove objectionable content in a reasonable time. We reserve the right to remove any content and/or post without providing a reason.
  8. Do no Harm: You may not interfere in any way with the operations in the forum or with a fellow user's message box, including, but not limited to, mail or "post" bombing, news bombing, other flooding techniques, deliberate attempts to overload a system and broadcast attacks, or attempts to avoid messaging blocking.
  9. Cooperate with site Moderators and Administrators. You may not evade bans or suspensions or otherwise disregard directions from Micro Focus Community moderators or administrators.
  10. Please participate in English, so that your fellow community members will have an opportunity to take part in your discussion and provide you with assistance.

Member-Generated Content

The content found in the Micro Focus Community comes from a variety of sources, primarily from community members. The opinions expressed in the Micro Focus Forum(s) are those of their authors and not of Micro Focus or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Micro Focus makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy, completeness, or truth of any material submitted or found in the discussion areas. Micro Focus is not liable for any website links posted within the discussion areas; website links posted in the discussion areas may link to sites not administered or under the control of Micro Focus and users open such links at their own risk. Micro Focus is not liable for any errors or delays in the content or transmission of postings on the site. Remember that you are responsible for your own decisions to act upon the information provided by community members.

Please remember that you are responsible for all statements made and acts that occur through the use of your user name and password. If your user identification or password(s) is compromised, or if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or other breach of security, you are responsible for promptly notifying us. You can notify us by sending an email to admin.swcommunity@MicroFocus.com

If you have a complaint, you're welcome to contact us via email admin.swcommunity@MicroFocus.com. If you have a complaint about intellectual property infringement, including copyright infringement, you must follow the procedure for making claims of infringement described in the "Procedure for Making Claims of Infringement" section in Micro Focus's Terms of Use to submit your complaint.

Micro Focus may at any time for any reason and without prior notice remove any posted message or thread, delete words from posted messages, or ban your account for violating these Rules of Participation or other site terms.

Forum Moderators and Administrators

You will see some community members have a moderator or administrator logo next to their names. Their primary purpose is to help keep the forum running smoothly and report any issues with the site.

On occasion they will answer questions, particularly those regarding how to use and navigate the site. They will assist you where they can, but remember that they are not Micro Focus technical experts. The Micro Focus Community is a peer-to-peer channel where the answers come from your peers, not from Micro Focus.

Requests for direct email support will not be granted. All discussion should remain in the community.

We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you.

Are there separate logins for some forums?

As we go through our consolidation process for all Micro Focus products and forums, we still have different login systems in some company areas. Until those login systems are consolidated, you may need to use separate logins for some forums than you're used to using. Our apologies on that. The company is trying to consolidate systems and processes as much as we can. In our forums we're trying to make it as simple as we can for the time being. Please bear with us.

How do I use NNTP (newsreader) to access these forums?

If you are experienced in NNTP and just need server information to set up your reader, skip down to item #3:

1 - Choosing HTTP or NNTP
The NNTP (news) protocol was developed specifically for internet messaging. The HTTP (web) protocol was developed specifically for serving up information. Micro Focus offers both NNTP and HTTP access. Most of the time it comes down to user preference. NTTP has a speed advantage but HTTP usually is thought of as having a convenience advantage. If you have port 119 blocked at your firewall, you won't be able to use the news (NNTP) interface and we suggest either downloading the groups in an off line reader using an ISP at home or using the web interface.

2 - Selecting a Reader
A: Any newsreader that supports the RFC standard should work with our newsgroups. There are many news reader applications available which will allow you to access our newsgroups for both online and offline reading on various platforms. Here are a few of the many readers available:

  • KNode
  • Pan
  • Forte Agent
  • Virtual Access
  • XanaNews
  • Thunderbird
  • Outlook Express
  • Xnews
  • Sophax
  • 40tude Dialog
  • And many others
3 - NNTP Server
The Micro Focus forums share two NNTP servers with the rest of Micro Focus business units. Currently all forums can be found on both of the servers. Select the appropriate DNS name for your reader:
  • Server A
    • nntp.novell.com
    • nntp.netiq.com
  • Server B
    • nntp.suse.com
    • nntp.opensuse.org
4 - Reader Setup:
Though each newsreader differs in it's method of setup, there are some general guidelines to consider. The name of the news server to specify is one of the above choices. These servers are on port 119, do not require authentication, and are not 'secure' news servers. Once you have the news server defined in your reader, you will need to subscribe to individual news groups to be able to read and post messages.

4-a Character Encoding:
For best results, use ISO 8859-1 (Western European) Character encoding when posting messages.

5 - Getting Your NNTP ID Recognized on the Web Interface
If your email address in your newsreader matches the email address you set up in vBulletin (Our web interface software) you will be recognized on both sides as the same user. If you prefer not to have your real email address in your newsreader, you can use the following syntax for an email address in your newsreader: userid@no-mx.forums.microfocus.com (where userid is your Micro Focus Login ID) and your user will still be recognized. NOTE: if you choose to use your real email address in your news reader, it will be available to anyone using our forums.

6 - Accessing Old Forum Messages via NNTP
Micro Focus does not keep an archive of forum data, however, our server has enough storage space to keep the messages for quite a long period of time. You should be able to get what you need by searching the online forums. If you would like your own personal archive, any "off-line" news reader (see above) can pull the messages down and archive them on your local hard drive. From time to time we make changes to our forums so an offline reader has an advantage of keeping data for forums that may no longer exist on our servers.

7 - Usenet Feed
As a matter of policy, Micro Focus does not feed any outside server, including USENET. This allows us tighter control over the content of our forums and significantly reduces spam.

Should I worry about securing my personal information?

With the web interface, your email address is only used internally (for registration, etc.) so you can rest assured it is secure. Unfortunately, an open NNTP forum structure such as our NNTP interface is available to the world and there are people out there who do mine email addresses and other data from our forums and other such forums/newsgroups on the internet. An email address is an integral part of an NNTP header. Short of creating a closed system (which wouldn't be 100% effective) we can't prevent such data mining from our forums. If you use the web interface, your email address is disguised automatically on both the HTTP and NNTP interface. If you use the NNTP interface, you should take a few precautions and there are a few simple things you can do to reduce your risk. First, many NNTP users disguise their email address by putting in obvious deterrents to email address mining. For example: If my email address were freddy.farkle@Micro Focus.com I could add characters which fool many email address mining bots. I could change my address to something similar to: freddy.DELETE.THIS.farkle.AND.THIS@microfocus.com. Of course, there is nothing to dictate you must use a real email address so if you prefer not to let your email address be known, you can use anything as long as it is in an email address format. Feel free to use something@something.com or even freddy.farkle@microfocus.com! :-) It probably isn't wise to public product license information etc. or email addresses in the body of messages either. Watch the information that's in your posted configuration files!

With the web interface, there generally isn't a concern about your user ID being shown, but if it does concern you, there are two options: First, you can create a secondary user in Micro Focus Login and use that ID to access the forums. Second you can call Micro Focus at 800-858-4000 and have your Micro Focus Login changed to something you don't mind being shown.

What rights does Micro Focus have to the information I post?

If you post a a message to the Micro Focus forums, you grant Micro Focus the unrestricted right to use, modify, or redistribute the content with or without attribution, and the right to sublicense without restriction.

Sometimes it won't let me post, why?

The forums use Micro Focus Login which has a connection timeout. The forums have their own timeout. If you are idle for too long (usually over 8 hours) or you come to the forums from another location on the Micro Focus site the forum and Micro Focus timeout may not match up causing it to look like you are logged in, but not allowing you to post. If that happens to you, clear your browser session and start over again at the forum home page, login, and you should be on your way. You may have to clear your Micro Focus login cookies.

Why can't I edit my post?

Once you submit your post in these forums, you have 10 minutes to edit it. After 10 minutes, if you need to, you should post a reply with any corrective information. Why? Two reasons. First, the NNTP protocol doesn't support editing of posts and so edits won't transit our gateway unless done before the cron job runs the gateway to sync the messages. Second, editing a post after it has replies could invalidate those replies because the original information changed. Posting a follow up reply with additional/changed information allows any previous reply to stay in context.

Can I create/use a "signature" for my user?

Because signatures have often been used to post spam links, new users are not able to use signatures in their posts. When a user has participated enough to become a trusted user (automatic based on number of posts and time since registration), they will be able to create/use signatures in their posts.

What are the User Rank Icons?

You have probably noticed some colored icons associated with various users. This are RANK icons and equate to the number of posts in our forums. CLICK HERE to see a complete list of these ranks and the associated number of posts. NOTE: Only posts in the non-chat areas count toward user message count.

Can I change my User ID or email address

The Micro Focus Forums doesn't use vBulletin's built in authentication mechanism, but uses Micro Focus Login. For security reasons Micro Focus Login doesn't pass a user's password to vBulletin. It does pass a user ID and email address which is stored in your vBulletin profile and used to verify your identity when you login to the forums. This is only stored once when the vBulletin account is created and because it's the verification method, it can't be automatically updated by Micro Focus Login. Also, the forum software as configured doesn't support a dash "-" in a user ID even though you can register one on the Micro Focus site.If, for some reason, you want to change your ID or email address, or are having any problem with your account, you need to contact us (use the CONTACT US link in the footer) so we can get your vBulletin (Forum) account synchronized with Micro Focus Login.

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