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  1. kunaljaiswal2009
    Hello Team,
    In my organization, We have 3 environment.Test, Stage and Production. To avoid the issues at the time of Production deployment, management planned that we will clean the Stage environment, and take a backup from Production and put everything in Stage and then start any Deployement. We have 2 eDirectory Tree and IDM on both side. eDirectory Driver, User App, RBPM and few other loop back drivers as well.

    I can restore all the eDirectory Object along with Schema. We don't have to make any cleaning on IDM environment as we don't do any changes in IDM side.
    My question is, When I will delete all eDirectory object from Stage environment in both the Tree, all the object association will also get deleted.
    Now I will take backup of all the object from Production and restore to Stage Tree, but how I am going to fix the association. Or how to make all object association identical to Production environment.

    Please update me with your valuable suggestions.

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