NetWare Performance

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    NetWare dominated the network operating system (NOS) market from the mid-80s through the mid- to late-90s due to its extremely high performance relative to other NOS technologies. Most benchmarks during this period demonstrated a 5:1 to 10:1 performance advantage over products from Microsoft, Banyan, and others. One noteworthy benchmark NetWare 3.x running NFS services over TCP/IP (not NetWare's native IPX protocol) to a dedicated Auspex NFS server and a SCO Unix server running NFS service. NetWare NFS outperformed both 'native' NFS systems and claimed a 2:1 performance advantage over SCO Unix NFS on the same hardware.

    There were several reasons for NetWare's performance.
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    let me know about NetWare
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    NetWare is still a TOP performer in the Server arena, its just that the flexibility as been overshadowed by the Windows Server offerings and now with top honchos thinking thats it would be better served if NetWares speed and reliability was ported over into the Linux arena, hence OES2 and OES11 for SLES. - - Not that anything is wrong with SLES/OESxx is a fine combatant against (I wont type the name) Server offering.

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