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Thread: Library files are empty

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    Edgar van Gorkum NNTP User

    Library files are empty


    After upgrading our Groupwise 6.5 to Groupwise 7 we have a strange problem with our library.

    People see the contents of the library but when the open an file for example word or excel it's emty. If i save the file from the library to disk it is 0 KB.

    Does anybody know what i have to do to get this working again?


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    Edgar van Gorkum NNTP User

    Re: Library files are empty

    got it solved, corrupt volume, after restoring a backup it was fine again!

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    Dave Parkes NNTP User

    Re: Library files are empty

    Not good for the nerves, that sort of thing <g>

    Cheers Dave


    Dave Parkes [NSCS]
    Occasionally resident at http://support-forums.novell.com/

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