(same problem)

Several users will get the C006 error after modifying columns to custom
fields within our library.

It does not appear to be machine specific as logging in to GroupWise as
another user on the same workstation will not receive the error.

Please help, this is severely impeding our DMS integration.

We have only experienced this problem since migrating from 6.5.6 to
7.0.1. 6.5.6 worked perfectly.

I have tried Re-Indexing Post Office and Re-Sharing DMS folder

When you have custom designed a setting displaying what columns you
want as the owner of the folder you then sharing the folder to the
users who then get the same settings. When you click to edit the custom
setting as the user with the shared folder this is when you get this

It is like they cant see the saved custom settings that you have
created on the owners machine.