I have a Library with about 3GB of documents in it. Starting last week most of the users, myself included, open a document and it shows NO data in it, the size when mousing over shows zero bytes, after this when trying to see it again it comes back as Checked out.

I have tried to reset the status and to check them back in and NO dice. If I try to check the status it sometimes comes back as not open, but will not open either. I am getting tons of C081 errors and I have users screaming about it, which I can understand. We are a University that lives by means of GroupWise.

This is just one of the major problems I have ran into since coming on board September 1st. Others include, Multiple ABENDs indicating CLSTRLIB.NLM bring down the whole cluster at one time, WebAccess Multiple ABENDs (expected due to NW6.5 SP5), DISAPPEARING mailboxes - yup GW Mailboxes just are gone and the eDir User Object is still there but the GroupWise Mailbox is gone along with the USERxxx.DB. Only indication on most that they ever existed as GW Users in the "Other" tab where the NGW:File ID property shows a FID, that and the other NGW properties listed.

NetWare 6.5.5 (with Server.exe and NSSa patches)
HP DL-380 (P3) w/HP RA4100 SAN
1.2GB RAM (I know,I know too little - I am fighting to get better hardware)
3 Domains w/3 GWIAs
6 Post Offices
1 Library
4000+ Mailboxes

Any help is very much appreciated.