Server OS: NetWare 6.0 SP 5
GroupWise: 7.0 SP 1
Client OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro
GroupWise Client: 7.0.1 (Build 3??), 7.0.1 HotPatch2 (Build 481), 7.0.1 IR1
(Build 535)
WP 12 with all SP's

Multiple users are receiving sporadic errors at the client. These errors do
not show up in the POA log. They all appear to be related to the Document
management. The errors all present themselves when either attempting to
open a document, or save a document. The errors include:

1.Error 8209: The file does not exist.
2.******** Save failed for DMS DOCID **********
3.WordPerfect - Access Denied: You do not have rights to do this

In every case, the user is attempting to access documents in folders they
have created. This is not a rights issue. Also in every case, the user can
still access e-mail, calendars, tasks, etc. The only thing they can not
access is the DMS. To regain access to the DMS, the user only needs to
close the GroupWise client and re-open the GroupWise client. They then have
access to their documents. Where this causes a major problem is when they
have opened an existing document and are trying to save it. The GroupWise
client will close (with no warning that there are open documents). Then,
once GW is running again, attempting to save the "still" open document to
the same document number will corrupt the document and make it unusable.

It is acting as if the DMS portion of the GW client has disconnected from
the library while the rest of the client remains connected to the POA.

The one thing that is bothering me is that I have installed the Beta clients
to a few PCs (Hot Patch 2 and IR1). I have not applied any of the Beta
patches to the Agents (not that brave). I am wondering about any
incompatibilities, but then I remind myself that several of the users having
these problems are still using the shipping SP1 client.

Any assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Anthony Campbell