I responded to someone who e-mailed me directly about this issue, so I
thought I would share it here. I followed the following process on a few of
my trouble mackines about a month ago, and have seen no further 8209's or
related errors. Enjoy.

I think I got this one licked, and it appears that there were several
contributing factors. Here is my cheat-sheet.

1. Before all else, update to the latest Client 32. It appears that event as
recent as 4.9 sp1 there were "commit" problems. Get the latest and greatest
(at the time it was 4.91 sp3). After installing (and by the way, I do a
custom install, uncheck NMAS, leave NICI checked, use TCP/IP and IPX),
reboot, right click in the little red "N" in the system tray, select
properties, go to the Advanced tab and make sure that "File Caching" is set
to off. If it is on, turn it off and reboot again.

2. Download the latest GW 7.01 client (at the time of performing this, it
was the Beta client "Interim release 1" published in the Beta patches
sometime in the middle of November 2006). Expand this to a public location
on your server (I did not put it in my SDD... I did not want it to
automatically deploy).

3. At the problem workstation, use the Windows Add/Remove Programs to
uninstall all components of the GW client located on the PC. The reboot the
PC to make sure that nothing is left hanging to be cleaned up.

4. Browse to that public location where you expanded the GW client patch.
Drill into the Win32 folder and run the Setup.exe. Select whatever settings
that you use to install the GW Client normally. After it finishes, (call me
superstitious) I do another reboot.

5. After the reboot and once in the GW client, go to
Tools...Options...Environment... And select the File Location tab. Make sure
that all of these are set. The critical one seems to be the "Save /
Checkout:" location. If not specified, GW will use the default (or a
default) temp file location. This seems to cause some inconsistent results
when attempting to save documents back into the library.... Almost like the
temp files have been deleted while you were working on the document. It also
seems that, at times, the GW client could not write to an undefined checkout
directory, and this caused either "File does not Exist", or "User does not
have rights" errors.

Good luck. This has worked for me and eliminated those particular
problems.... Now on to fix the rest of the problems....

Anthony Campbell