Since there is no hope of Novell improving the Document Management system.
My client has looked at various DM systems...
(They have come to their own conclusion about Novell, GW and DM and wants

We have been asked by them (about 1700 users) to look into the cost of
producing a new Document Management system.

Obviously for this to be practical in terms of cost we would need to sell to
more than one client!!! {We realise the scope of the task but our 6 man
team think its worth looking into at least!!}

Client is producing a "Requirements list" based on GW and their needs NOT
addressed by Groupwise.

** SQL based (not MS I think)
** Standalone but need to understand both Groupwise and Outlook
** Programing interface via Business objects / Rules allowing 3rd part
** PDF indexing
** Live and Archive Data
** Desktop client - (need to determin if Linux is a player!)
** Web Client
** Ensure documents can be viewed but NOT printed (inc disable printscreen)
or emailed

I am looking for comments and requirements for other users.