Hi All,

Environment as follows:

Groupwise 7.01
Netware 6.5 Sp3
WinXP Sp2

I have an usual problem with one user when saving a Word into Groupwise from some other location (C drive, network drive, flash drive...etc.).

First off - it take two saves to actually save the file. That is, the first time you save the file Groupwise will report that there isn't any space and to check the system, but returns to the "Save As" window giving you the choice to do it again. This time the file is saved in GW. But when accessing the file - the document is blank.

Eventually found the Groupwise file at the root of the drive where the file was called, eg abc.doc is stored at H:\folder1\folder2 after successfully saving the file to Groupwise, the document is actually stored at the root of "H" drive. If the original file was opened from the "C" drive or a datastick, after a save into Groupwise, the file is located at the root of "C" or the datastick.

Secondly - two files are created with the same GW filename, just different versions, eg 1234.dos and 1234-1.doc

I have had the user use a different computer, but the result is the same. Whereas, I don't have this problem when saving a file from the same computers.

I have run GWCheck on the user's mailbox, but no joy.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem?