I have been trying to set up a couple of new libraries.
using console one succsessfully create the library using a new storage
area. because the directory is not there it asks if I want to create it
It seems the library can be seen by the client but when I try and create
a new document it gives an E811 error "the document or version doesnt
exist or the user does not have sufficient rights"
It also does not have a document number.
this all began after I had created a library (everything worked fine,
including creating the directories and files)
but then wanted to rename it. Not being able to rename it and as I had
only imported a few docs I deleted the library and then tried to crete a
new one. That is where I have become stuck.
It seems something has been corrupted or got out of sync. Should I do
some sort of maintenace before I create a library?
thanksin advance