I work for a lawfirm which has about 150,000 documents in its document
management library. We are shifting to a document management system
geared towards the legal industry (ProLaw). They need all 150,000 docs
exported to a folder which can be full-text indexed, etc. My problem is
that I've searched high and low and am finding it difficult to find any
support for such an operation.

I did find the document managment utilities on Novell's website, which
indicate that it's for Novell 5.5. I'm not a Novell expert, so I am
struggling with this. I tried running it anyway and it is very buggy, it
crashes, hangs, and exports documents erradically (I can tell it to
export doc numbers 1-100 and it will export all a few thousand docs in no
particular order and then hang).

I seem to have better luck running it with groupwise 5.5 client loaded,
but I don't know if this is bad practice or not - also the program still
crashes and I doubt this solution is going to work for me. We are
desparate - if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


-- Tim Farren