Recently We have been experiencing issues with GW Client 7.0.2 build
4/6/07 getting kicked out of GW Client. In some cases users will continue
to work on the WP doc, but somehow GW client is closed. When the user
tries to retrieve the document from GW, the changes never save. At one
time I was able to go into the users local temp folder on there C:drive
and retrieve the document. It seems that it is no longer the case. When
A user accidently closes or crashes in GW, and continues to work on a
document, it saves on the local:
C:Documents and SettingsadminLocal SettingsTempXPgrpwise
but once WP is closed the document closes not saving the changes. In
older versions of GW Client, it keep the document in the temp folder. Is
there any way I can modify the latest version of GW 7.0 SP2 to keep the
document in the temp file?