I maintain a GW 7.0 server with messages that go back 4+ years and it is
starting to run a little tight on disk space. I bought myself some time by
expiring/reducing ridiculously large messages (50MB+), but it is still a
bit tight. It seems that when you select "Items older than" and "Items
larger than" it is an OR relationship. I want to do an AND. I know there
are a lot of 1-50MB attachments, but I am hesitant to delete them all. I'd
feel better if I could just delete the old ones. Is there any way to apply
more sophisticated expiry rules? I just want to put an AND between size
and time.

I guess normally users would archive what they want to keep and you'd just
enact an X day retention policy, but I'm afraid that users would not be
very selective and simply archive everything. Either that, or getting them
to go through an archiving process will be futile.. or both.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.