We're evaluating document management solutions, and also currently use
GroupWise 7 on NetWare 6.5. While we know some of what GroupWise can do
(version management, document retention schedules) and cannot do (full
text PDF indexing), there are many questions we aren't able to find
information on.

For starters, we currently use Great Plains (now Microsoft) Dynamics as
our accounting package. Is it possible to put imaged documents into
GroupWise, such as invoices, and be able to "drill down" to that
document from an other package like Great Plains? We'd also like to be
able to do simple electronic document work-flow to eliminate some
internal paperwork. We'd like to use the routing slip capability.

Other vendors have lots of easy to access information on their product
features, and some have demo videos of their product in action. I do
have a 2 hour VHS tape from Novell Technical Services from 1999 covering
document management in GroupWise 5.0 from an implementation standpoint,
but finding good information (something to sell this to management) on
the newer stuff is like pulling teeth. A few good case studies or
downloadable videos demonstrating what GroupWise can bring to the table
would be nice.

Any advice? Are any of these types of questions answered in third party
documents like Danita's "Success with GroupWise Document Management" book?


Greg Niese