I am running GW v7.02 HP on NetWare 6.5.6, with a mix of GW client
versions 7.01IR and 7.02HP.

I am trying to create a routing slip template (for leave requests) by
saving a routing slip "view", then by placing the resulting *.vew file
back into the document management system. I have encountered two issues
while attempting this.

The first issue is that the saved *.vew file does not retain the fact
that the original document was a routing slip. When the view is
reopened, it comes up as a regular e-mail not a routing slip, although
it does say "Route" in place of the "To" field label. Is there a way to
get this to come up as a routing slip? I can have my users go through
the extra step of setting the "Actions > Routing Slip" menu option, but
I was hoping to avoid that additional step.

The second issue is that if I add my saved "*.vew" file as a document /
template in the GW DMS and try to open it directly from there, it opens
fine the first time, but appears to be "checked out" after that. I, the
author, get a E501 document open / in use error; for others with view
only rights, the error is still a "file already open" type error with
the only thing resembling an error code being "Library:700.1". Doing a
"reset document status" corrects the problem, but I don't want to
require everyone to reset the document status every time they finish
accessing the file. With GroupWise as the associated application for
the "*.vew" document type, I thought it would be easy to pull this off.
Is there some other way to work around this? If not, I can just put
the saved view / template on a network drive for everyone to access, but
it would be nicer if I could get this to work as a document in the GW DMS.

Any thoughts?


Greg Niese