I am running into a strange issue at one of my client locations. They are using GW 7.02 and libraries and have been since GW 5.5.4. After upgrading from GW 6.5 to 7.02, when a secretary imports a document into a shared folder. The document shows up immediately in use by a user who has a different document open in the same folder. If that same user who is listed tries to open the new document, it states that the document is already in use by the same person who is trying to open it.

I have to reset the document through Console One in order to have it become available for editing again. Once it has been reset, it works fine.

I thought that I had found a fix for the problem last month because I found that when I used the Quick Import option as opposed unchecking Quick Import and manually stepping through the options using default settings, the document was imported properly. This month, it seems to occur no matter what I do. GWCheck doesn't seem to fix this problem.

Any ideas as to why this is happening and what we can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

- Tom S.