I have recently been assigned the task of exporting all our documents out
of the GW document management system so that they can be imported into a
new DM system. I have read about the various utilities available to do
this, so I am OK with that proocess.

The question I have is, is there any easy way to assign access to all
documents in the Library to myself? I have made myself a librarian, but
this doesn't allow me to export the documents out. I really need to give
my account at least the 'View' right to all docs so that they can be
exported from the system. I have tested the Mass Document Operations but
this sends a notification to the users of a chnage in security level. I
am trying to do this without concerning the users.

I am new to the DM side of GW, although it all looks fairly straight
forward, so any assitance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,