> Does any one REALLY need NWADMIN API GW Snapin?
> I just tested the following:
> 0. Install api gateway to API subdir
> 1. Create a generic gateway with C1 Groupwise. Name it API, type API.
> 2. Set up basic logging, etc.
> 3. Open NGWAPI.PRM (<domain>\wpgate\api subdir) and check

> in other settings.
> 4. Run.
> Seems to work with test e-mail, no special snapins needed?
> NGWAPI.PRM is a plain text file.
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> <csilva@acanetworks.com> wrote in message
> news:_1qre.4$1V1.0@janeway.provo.novell.com...
> >I need to ge the GroupWise snapins for Nwadmin, in order to fully
> > configure the API gateway.
> > Can someone provide me with this files? or tell me where to get them?
> >
> > thanks


I needed the same snap-ins to configure the API gateway as well. I need
to set under Required Parameters tab, Adressing Format, to Component
instead of Groupwise.

Is there another way? I got the v5.5.41 GW snap-ins off an old install
but the tab still didn't show up.

I just can't believe that Novell would chop out what seems to be a vital
conifguration piece from ConsoleOne without another workaround.