Because we are fighting off the M$ "We need Exchange" faction here - how did quest work for your migration?


>>> tom<> 05/18 3:33 PM >>>

because i must migrate groupwise to exchange :-( sadly,
i use the tool "GroupWise Migrator for Exchange" from Quest, have somebody
experience about this tool ???
for this tool i need an api gateway, to synchronize later both server,
therefore i need the snapins to use NWADMIN.

"tom" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hello,
> i hope somebodey can help me, because i need very urgent the snapins for
> NWADMIN to manage GroupWise (create and manage API-Gateway),
> i know the snapins be there on the GW5.5 CD but i haven´t the CD.
> It is not possible to Download the files???
> Thanks
> Tom