I have a huge problem with some of my customers' PFA installations.
Mails for an internal recipient that is only addressed to in blindcopy a not
Those messages are downloaded from the pop mailbox, received by the pfa and
subsequently redirected to the postmaster.
Setting the loglevel high at the pfa you can see the message come in, you
see a
Forward: Looking for field cc...
Forward: Looking for field bcc...
Afterwards this mail is being sent to postmaster.
In the postmaster's mailbox you can find the message from the original
Addresses in the to: field are delivered without qualification.

The pfa modules used are the newest ones dated 2003. In despair I tried the
jars from 2002 and even those from 2000 (but that was even worse). Might
this be a java virtual machine issue?

Does anyone use the pfa with netware 6.5 sp3 or above (and use bcc mails of
course as normal delivery is working fine)?

kind regards,