Am doing a migration project to migrate from MS Exchange 2000 to GW7.
my users don't need to transfer mail (they can copy mail to PST for future
offline viewing), but they need the OL personal address book entires
transfered to GW7.

Any one has suggestion on the simpliest way of transfering personal
addresses (contacts) saved on Exchange server to individual GW7 mailbox?

It's for end-users to do this themselves, I'm not going to do this for all
of them. So it better be a native and simple way that can be accessed from
outlook client.

- Exchange Migration utility is backend ... don't want to do this for all
the end-users.
- PST Import tool doesn't give me a choice of what do I want to import, and
it doesn't seem reliable for importing address entries. I created a new PST
and copied 5 entries in it, but the Import util only imports 2!

I was thinking along the line of having end users to save individual
addresses to vCard files, then GroupWise can import. But just couldn't find
a way to batch export OL personal address entries to vCard.

Real-life experience?