I've got the NW API v4.1 sp2 load and seems to be working ok. I am
running a Groupwise 6.54 server and Exchange 2003sp2 on Win2k3 sp1.

The primary issue now is that when a email is relayed off the GW server,
thru the API to the Exch server, it ends up in the badmail folder on the
Exch server. I've troubleshot it down to the settings in the .api file
that is sent to Exchange from the api gateway. The WPD= is blank, and
there is no ARI= heading and the WPD= username. I spoke to Microsoft
about it and they thought there was a "native mode" style change that
could be done to set the WPD= MHP; WPU= "useremail@mydomain.com" and ARI=
MHP.MINE; ; The MHP is my Groupwise domain.

Hopefully, some can lend a little help in this area.

Thanks abunch!