Hi This message is posted on behalf of one of my clients. It's a query
about using the API to hide / unhide messages. Any assistance would be much


Could you check if this is correct behaviour for a groupWise system.

Shared folder notifications become a hidden sent item in a users mailbox.
(Theuser that shared the folder.)

Is this how it should be ?

Can they be removed at a later date without affecting the status of the
shared folder ?

The hiding and unhiding is done via the GroupWise object API. A message can
have a property of hidden.

Some code that Simon Graham uses for our Comms Log interaction with GW uses a
hidden message until it can be definitely said to have been sent then it
unhides it so that it appears in sent items etc.

When he was checking a users mailbox in code for hidden items and unhiding
them the user suddenly noticed all the shared folder and shared address book
notifications appearing.

We didn't delete them as it might be a bit iffy and have re-hidden them so
they can't be accidentally erased.

Might be worthwhile deleting them to see if it affects the share, but
preferably in a test not production environment. Let me know how it goes and
what the Novell GW experts say.


Any questions please call.