I am currently testing the GroupWise Connector for Outlook. I have
installed GroupWise 7 on our NetWare 6.5 (SP5) server and I have also
installed the GroupWise 7 client on a workstation along with the Outlook
2003 client and the GroupWise Connector for Outlook.

A problem has arisen when trying to add people to my proxy list in Outlook.
I followed the instructions below:

"Click Tools > E-mail Accounts.

Select View or Change Existing E-mail Accounts, then click Next.

Select your Novell® GroupWise® e-mail account, then click Change.

Click More Settings, then click the Mailboxes tab.

Click Add next to the GroupWise Proxy list.

Type the name of the individual that has granted you GroupWise Proxy
rights, then click OK.

Click OK, then Finish twice.

The individual's name and folders should appear in your folder list with
the word (Proxy) next to the name."

Problem is, when I clicked "Finish" I got the following error message:

"Novell GroupWise
Errors were encountered with the following providers while saving changes
to the message service:
Add - GroupWise Proxy Store (account name) 0x8004010f"

Has anyone else encountered this?