I'm using pop forwarding agent (PFA)
(NWSB6 GroupWise 6 PFA (from TID 2963096)
+ fgw63pfa2.exe)
GroupWise 7 (unpatched)
on NW 6.5SP4

PFA connects every five minutes against two POP-accounts and downloads the
This works very well (for about 6 months).

Since a few days there are problems with mails including larger
attachments for example 10Meg.
Setting loglevel to med or high there are the following error messages on
pfa screen:
"Error downloading from user <POP-account> ..
The problem message stays in POP-box and must be deleted to "repair" the
problem. Else, no further message can be processed.

At first I guessed, there would be a limit in GWIA, but there is'nt. The
limit is at 50Meg. No problems with disk space. Restarting PFA / whole
server did'nt solve the problem...

Any ideas?

Is the better idea using i-MailDS?
Has somebody good experiences with other (possibly free) software?