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Thread: read reciepts always requested from GroupWise system

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    tcaroa@hotmail.com NNTP User

    read reciepts always requested from GroupWise system

    I am using the New Beta gateway to connect Exchange 2003 to GroupWise 6.5.
    Every message that arrives into Exchange users email boxes through the
    gateway from the GroupWise system has a "Read receipt requested" pop-up
    associated with it.

    I have tested sending messages with all requests for tracking/receipts
    turned off, but they still come through with that requirement.

    I was hoping someone here has run into the same problem?

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    tcaroa@hotmail.com NNTP User

    2nd question about configuring Busy Searches

    I am trying to properly configure the optional address rule to get Busy
    searches working from GW2EXCH (I know it does not work other way.)

    The gateway is processing the busy searches, but no calendar data is
    getting back. I have configured the user name field multiple ways and I am
    still confused on what address type is required from the Exchange system
    to satisfy the gateway. Basically where in Exchange admin do I look at a
    user to know what addressing type is appropreate.


    ; -------------------------
    ; (Place a semicolon in front of this switch if you are not using it)
    ; The optional address rule allows the administrator to determine how
    ; the address used in the busy search of Exchange users will be
    ; constructed. This is done by substituting fields/tags with actual
    ; values and all other characters are simply copied.

    ; Acceptable fields/tags are:
    ; <username>
    ; <domain>
    ; <firstname>
    ; <lastname>
    ; <firstinitial>
    ; <lastinitial>

    ; The default without this switch is <username>@<domain>


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