Dear All,
We have 5 oganisations merging into one, 2 running Exchange 2003, 1
Exchange 2000 and 2 running Groupwise 7.x.
We need to create address book and email transfers between all orgs. the
Exchange side uses Identity Integration server to combine address books.
For Exchange - Groupwise, we implemented 3 x Exchange servers on a VMware
server, (one each for the 3 Exchange organisations) and each running the
Groupwise connector within Exchange, pointing at a Novell server which is
running 3 APIs, one for each connector.
It all started looking good, with address book entries passing both
directions for the first Exchange org. When we added the second Exchange
org, the list of Exchange users from the first org disappeared, despite
being in a different directory. When we reloaded the first Exchange org
address book again into Netware the second orgs users disappeared.
Is it possible to run 3 x APIs on one Netware server (they are all named
differently and can seemingly operate OK)?
One option which may be possible is create another 2 Netware servers and
run the 3 APIs all on different servers?