The gateway passes email traffic both ways no problem. It also syncs
the address books both directions again without problems.

Busy search does not work either direction. From Groupwise 6.5 I am
busy search someone from the address book who has an email on the
Exchange side, and I can see this go though the gateway and in diag
logging I see these:

"Could not get timezone of the Exchange User"
"No Freebusy information found for the Exchange user"

Then the busy search returns complete all within a second.

If I busy search from Outlook to a address book user on the GW side,
nothing ever hits the gateway.

I have been over the install doc many times, even had another engineer
review the docs and everything look fine.

We have a single Exchange 2003 server called EX1 a second Exchange
2003 server called EX2. EX2 has the gateway and Novell clients
installed. EX1 hosts the mailboxes.

I have replicated the public folder store free busy+ from EX1 to EX2
but that still did not do any good.