I hope someone has a solution for this already.

The GW Gateway for Exchange with directory exchange and sync enabled
creates contacts on Exchange side, no problem. But the "Display Name" of
the contact is formatted as "FirstName LastName". I have tried several
different suggestions and still have no luck on changing "Display Name"
to "LastName, FirstName"

Here is another post that is similar to my issue,

Here is the Microsoft KB that I tried and does not work,

From what I can tell, GroupWise Gateway does not use any Active Directory
attributes to create/update contacts on Exchange side. Also it does not
utilize the GroupWise Gateway connector mapping table file,

I hope someone knows the GroupWise Gateway for Exchange enough will be
able to let us know how the directory exchange/sync format the contacts
it creates/updates. I am feeling it might be on GroupWise end, but I am
open for suggestions.


Jamie Lin