Hi there,

Currently i am busy with building a a groupwise <-> Exchange environment.
I succesfully installed the Groupwise API Gateway and the Groupwise
Connector for Exchange. Email between the two systems is flowing almost
correcly. Both my servers are on the same domain (florence-zorg.nl).
Users in my Groupwise environment and in my Exchange environment can send
eachother email and reply to eachothers email. But i have one problem!
When i send an email from an external domain (for example:
john.doe@externaldomain.com) to one of my Exchange users, to one of my
groupwise users and another external person the API Gateway messes up the
reply domains.

For example:

From: john.doe@externaldomain.com
To: User1@florence-zorg.nl
cc: User2@florence-zorg.nl;Jane.Doe@externaldomain2.com
* User1 is an Exchange user, User2 is a Groupwise user

When John Doe get's the email he sees in the header:
From: john.doe@externaldomain.com
To: User1@florence-zorg.nl
cc: User2@externaldomain.com;Jane.Doe@externaldomain.c om

Somehow the API Gateway changes the domainname for the Groupwise user and
the other External domain user. Anyone know how can i fix this?