I'm looking into buying a cell phone that will allow remote email
access and calendaring functions to be used. My firm uses GroupWise
6.0 for calendaring and internal email and Outlook Express for external
email. I need something that will sync with my GroupWise calendar and
access my Outlook email. I also spend a lot of time in federal court
(I'm an attorney), so I need something that does not have a camera.

I have a Palm Tungsten T5 now that I love, but I cannot get wireless in
a lot of the places I travel. And, obviously, it has no phone
capabilities. I've been looking at the BlackBerry 7250.

Is there any help people can offer about what product to choose or how,
specifically, I can access both my GroupWise calendar and Outlook email
on one product? I've read that BlackBerry require you to buy its
Enterprise platform to sync with GroupWise. Any advise? Thanks!