We have a redundant webaccess (6.5.4) running on NetWare 6 sp4.
Everything seems to work fine when clients IE and Firefox connect to the
webservers directly.
But the final solution contains two proxy servers running Apache as proxy
servers running on Red Hat Linux.
Users are able to login to webaccess, but are unable to attach any files to
their mails (if IE is used the max filesize is 7KB, if FF is used no files
can be attached).
The behaviour is that if a user selects a file to upload and chooses add
the file is uploaded, but no paparclip is seen in the browser, and no
attatchment is attached.
This only happens if communication is done through the proxy.
No error messages are received anywhere.

We have done a packet trace, and the file does seem to be send from the
proxy to the webserver running webacces.

Does anyone have a suggestion??