doing the trial for a it setup and running, and have a couple
of questions:

Back end is GW 6.5.4, using Imap

"sent items" are not syncing. I configured it on the "other
preferences" page, and selected "sent items" from the imap folder
list...but it doesn't seem to work.
did I miss something?

I took a message from the mailbox, and tried to "move" it to another
imap folder...again, selecting it from the list that chattermail
retrieved from the server. It copied the message there, rather than
moving it. so now its in 2 places. bug? or did I miss something?

should I leave this in "online" mode? (have "unlimited" data plan on
this phone). I've read the manual, but I'm still unclear on this.
what are the negatives to leaving it online? seems to work, nearly in
real time. Chattermail manual says that this works with servers that
support the IDLE command, and I thought I saw people say here in other
threads that gw doesn't support that...but it seems to work. anyway,
is this going to interfere with the phone in any way? run the battery
down too fast? should I set it to offline, with periodic syncing?

otherwise, it seems like a neat program...pretty speedy, especially
compared to "versamail" that came bundled on other phones. Versamail
works..but sheesh is it slow.