In the configuration of BES you setup you GW Server Port and Admin user.
I've done that, but in the logs for BES when it starts up its saying.

C:\Novell\GroupWise\\gwcma1.dll, Version: 6.5.2
[34150] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {GWCheckPA} Starting GWCheckPA
[34154] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {GWCheckPA} Mailstore test start,
test level=1
[34116] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {adminuser} Login: Start
[14047] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {adminuser} Login: Failed
[14115] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {adminuser} POA Test: Failed
[34045] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {adminuser} Logout admin user
[14095] (04/24 11:50:40):{0xBC} {GWPA} {GWCheckPA} Mailstore test failed -
Terminating GWCheckPA
[34192] (04/24 11:52:42):{0x111C} {GWPA} {GWCheckPA} Database
[34157] (04/24 11:52:42):{0x111C} {GWPA} {GWCheckPA} Novell GroupWiseObject

I'm guessing its a password issue or something. Anyone have any ideas? I
think this is the last thing I need to get fixed. (I hope anyway)