This is just a heads up to anyone using IIS as the web server for
WebAccess (regardless of whether the agent is on NW, Win, or Linux).
If you currently use IIS for WebAccess, and then hope to install GMS on
the same box, DON'T. You will wind up with both being broken. That
happened to me after installing GMS, and I hoped that simply reinstalling
WebAccess from the 7.0.1 code (had 7.0 installed prior to GMS) would fix
WA. It didn't, and then GMS was broken as well.

I called Novell support hoping they might help me get it to work instead
of simply saying "that's not supported," but alas they just fed me the
easy line. After uninstalling GMS and then reinstalling WebAccess, WA was
fine. Then it was simply a matter of installing VMware Server, Windows,
and GMS to at least get it on the same physical box. :-)

Just wanted to share this with everyone in case anyone else was thinking
about trying to do this.