I have a question about when I go to the Admin Console, Devices, Sync

The first device I setup was my phone and it shows up as Pocket PC 2005 -
Treo. The username assigned is correct. I then sent the web link to
another user to setup their phone.

Let us say the username for this person is Person1. They have a Motorola
phone and it shows up as Smartphone 2005 - WM_Person1.

I then had another test user with a Treo load up as well. They had
problems with the website, so they came down to my desk. We walked
through the website on my desk using his name (lets call this person
Person2). His phone shows up as Pocket PC 2005-WM_A_Krupke. It is
syncing his information and does have person2 as the username.

I am just curious why his phone is tagged with my username. It appears to
be a description field only as he is not getting access to any of my
information. Is the tag of WM_%username% something from the user
registration on the phone device itself?