We've just recently installed GMS to a server.
We're running GW 7.1 SP1 and Win2k3 on the GMS.

Now we've just got some E61's from Nokia (Symbian OS 9.0). Nice small
smartphone, perfect size and all. There's just one glitch.
It wont sync up with our GMS.

We are allready running some Pocket PC's with WM 2003 and some symbian 60

Have anybody tried with Symbian OS 9.0 on the GMS?

When we install the GMS from Nokia Ver. we can sync the E61 with
calendar and contacts but not the mail, and with Novell Groupwise
intellisync ver. it does'nt even have a Symbian OS 9.0 package.

Does anyone know if this is on the way from Novell?

Best regards