I have a user that just got a Palm T|X and we tried unsuccessfully to
install Syncmail, et. al. I opted to install the application from the
desktop. This is where I encountered an error during the installation. The
installation expected to find Hotsync installed in C:\Program Files\ISPilot
and displayed an error that it could not find C:\Program
Files\ISPilot\ilsync.dll. This directory does not exist on this user's
computer. Hotsync is installed under C:\Program Files\Pumatech\Intellisync.
I did, however, find an ISPilot directory under C:\xpBackup that contains
an older version of Hotsync Manager than the Pumatech directory. When the
installation completes and I am prompted to do a hotsync, the device does
not hotsync because an older version of Hotsync Manager is running. As a
result of all of this, I have not been able to get the necessary Palm apps
installed on this Palm pilot.

Does the desktop installation of Syncmail install it's own version of
Intellisync? Does it matter if a newer version of Intellisync is installed?
Has anybody else run into this?

Joshua Pitlick
Lead System Engineer
American College of Ob/Gyn
409 12th St., SW
Washington, D.C. 20024