I originally installed the GMS eval version coupled to a GW7.0.1 eval
version and it was working fine. Now I have upgraded my production system
to gw 7.0.1. I uninstalled GMS using add/remove programs. I deleted the
c:\program files\intellisync . . . directory. I deleted the intellisync
virtual website in ISM. I rebooted. I installed GMS pointing to the
production system. It appears to install fine. When trying to connect via
the website, I get this error:

HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error

ASP Error Info:
Catastrophic failure
/en/includes/systemMain.asp, line 243

It's particularly confusing since it did work with the eval system. I'm
running on fully patched win2000 server. I confirmed that all GW components
are 7.0.1 with soap enabled on the POA.

Is there a better way to uninstall and start over?

Ted Kumsher