Danita thank you for your reply.
I think i have written some mistakes........
We have installed GroupWise (Intellisync) Mobile Server and been testing

We have approximately 2500 Groupwise users and 500 of them have Treo 650
palm device.

We have chosen 10 users with Treo 650 and have tested syncronizing their
Groupwise postboxes with their Treo650 Intellisync clients. Here are our

- Calender - is synronized two-way, no problem.
- Contact List - is syncronized two-way, no problem.
- Tasks - Only posted tasks are syncronized two-way. Delegated tasks are
not syncronized, but that's acceptable.
The problem that really matters is:
- Mail mesages are syncronized two-way, but then html objects in messages
can not be viewed on Treo 650 Intellisync client. What kind of a setting
should we make so that html objects in message bodies can be viewed on
Treo 650? Do we need to change any options/configuration?