We have 8 different POAs, and so far everything is working perfectly fine
on the original POA we set this up on. The "authenticator" POA if you
will. Appts., Tasks, Mail....everything is there.

Now we are moving onto our second POA, and everything is coming across for
users except Appointments. Mail, Notes, Tasks are all there....just not
appointments. This is so odd, no errors in any of the logs. I've stopped
and restarted the POA, but nothing appears to be helping. Here's one more
bit of very confusing information....in testing, I've found that newly
created Appointments are coming across. Meaning, that if I send the users
a test appointment, that will sync/show up. However, currently accepted
appointments (for the rest of the year) are NOT showing up??? I can't
even see them in the web view either. It's like it is just ignoring
currently accepted Appointments, but syncing everything else.

Any suggestions of something we can try?