I have several small business customers that have a Windows Server. I'd like to deploy GMS for a tiny number of users (like 2 or 3, maybe 5) on their existing server rather than deploying a separate box. Notwithstanding the official line that GMS needs a dedicated server, I'm trying to figure out what I can probably get away with for such small installations. Comments on the configurations below will be most welcome.

Customer 1: Windows 2003 Server running a database app. SQL 2005 Express is running for that app. GroupWise 7.01 is on a NetWare OES server. No IIS installed as of yet. Can GMS still use it's own database (which I'd prefer), or will it insist on using SQL? Regarding IIS, is the IIS off the Win2003 CD supported? (it's not SBS - I've read there is some sort of problem with the SBS R2 IIS)

Customer 2: Windows 2003 Server running a database app. MSDE 2000 is running for that app. The app is accessed via IIS. GroupWise 7.01 is installed on a NetWare 6.5 server. Similar questions about database, can GMS still use its own? Regarding IIS, I assume all I have to do is put the installed "Mobile Suite Web Site" on a different IP address and turn the default web site back on, right?

Customer 3: Windows 2003 Server running Terminal Services. GroupWise 7.01 is running on the SAME server (no NetWare server this time, just one Windows server running the whole kit). Several web sites published via IIS (default site for GroupWise WebAccess, two others are actual web sites). Will GMS even install on a Terminal Server? Will it run on the same server that GroupWise is installed on?

All of the above servers have more disk, ram, and processing power than they need for the apps they're running now, so I don't see hardware resources as being an issue. I just don't want GMS stepping on the existing applications.

Any insight will be welcome.